If you’ve ever watched a good movie or seen a compelling drama on the stage, you know the story doesn’t resolve itself until the second act. Just as “life imitates art,” you may experience situations, thoughts, and emotions in your life that seem overwhelming—a tug-of-war struggle with limited choices and movement to your “second act.” When this happens, seeking support and therapy from a trained psychologist can be beneficial in navigating life choices amidst your present pain by clarifying what really matters to you in your life; direction that can be found in ACT II Psychology.

ACT II Psychology features the latest in contemporary psychological services using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an evidenced-based cognitive-behavioral/ mindfulness therapy. At the very heart of ACT is acceptance, the guiding sentiment of the Serenity Prayer in focusing on change we can control, accepting and letting go of things we cannot. Treatment is available for a wide range of psychological problems including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, trauma, unresolved grief and loss for pets and loved ones, interpersonal relationship difficulties, and anger.

My belief in ACT has transformed my life and those clients with whom I work. I value helping others live a life put on “hold” by personal and painful distress; I am committed to helping you define what really matters in your life and navigating choices in that direction. With convenient after-work and weekday hours, my office is located in the heart of downtown Salem at the historic Reed Opera House.

Please call or e-mail me today for your individual, family, or group therapy needs.